Hello again one and all,

Well as time seems to have flown by at a rate of knots and my trip to Belgium gets ever nearer, it's a nerve jangling wait until the departure date.

Have I got everything, how do I pack, what do I take, all these things going over and over in my head, I'm absolutely positive I will have forgotten something...many a list has been written gone over and then another one written and what will happen if we leave Europe on the 12th April as that's the day we plan to travel, this however is unknown and we could end up spending a few day's in Folkestone ( I'm sure it's a lovely place) but I think Belgium might be nicer.

I plan to try and get totally ready this week and that includes getting the bike itself ready, I shall be working most of it so it will be a case of every minute I have to spare planning the trip.

I will write a blog as often as I am able and put down any useful tips and ideas as time goes on, I will be travelling with 14 other intrepid travellers from my wonderful Lady bikers group. I will ask them to write me some stories of our travels as well and you can catch up with us all as a few of us travel abroad for the first time, including me.

I cannot wait!!

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