My ageless Journey

A strange title you may think but this is how I think motorcycling should be looked at, it's freedom but not only that it's a saviour in life any life no mater how old you are.

I say this because there used to be a time when I thought to myself I really must give up this dream that I have of ever becoming a fully fledged motorcyclist, what was I thinking and just how much was it costing me, my nerves were shredded and I was running out of inspiration and money.

Then I got married to a like minded person ( I thought ) who shared my passion for bikes and that got me started again but again I hit a problem in that the person who was teaching me and had got me through a lot of my nerves decided to give teaching up, so I went through the normal process of trying to find another teacher. I went through so many and not one understood the way my nerves completely shattered me but then I heard that my original training school was starting up again with a new instructor so I went back and the rest as they say is history and at the age of 61 I went through both my tests first time with a very patient instructor.

I don't feel old when I'm on my motorbike I feel like I could conquer the world, my story will continue, I still have things that are holding me back but I have the best family and friends around me to keep an eye on me and my biking pals are my rock.

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